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Poetry of the War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier

This page contains the table of contents to easily access the poetry arising from the War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier. The poems listed here are also listed on the Niagara Falls Poetry Project main Table of Contents page.

Included are poems from the war itself, but also from events arising from the war such as commemorative events, musings on the war, and events such as the Prince of Wales visiting Laura Secord.


Battle of Beaverdams



First Line

Beam, Betty J.
(children's poems)
A Cow and Ice Cream Laura Secord, by the record
Blewett, Jean Laura Secord I search the pages of our history over
Curzon, Sarah Anne Visit of the Prince of Wales to Laura Secord Now wherefore trembles still the string



Battle of Lundy's Lane

Author Title  

First Line


Anonymous The Battle of Bridgewater O'er Huron's wave the sun was low,
Carnochan, Janet Battle of Lundy's Lane, 25th July, 1814 Upon this hill we come to celebrate
Fuller, Ada Elizabeth Lines Written in Drummond Hill Cemetery The brooding voice of spring is in the air,
Jones, Charles L. S. The Hero of Bridgewater Seize, O seize the sounding lyre,
Kirby, William Sonnet Read at the Unveiling of the Lundy's Lane Monument, 25th July, 1895 Stand fast! Stand fast! Stand fast! a mighty cry
Logan, John Daniel Brock: Valiant Leader O VALIANT leader of the little band
Drummond: Indomitable Soldier FROM SAFFRON dawn that lit the morning sky  
Moberly, T. E. Lundy's Lane - 1814-1914 (July 25) In Lundy's Lane the robins sing
Scott, Duncan Campbell The Battle of Lundy's Lane Yes, - in the Lincoln Militia, - in the war of eighteen-twelve;
Stark, Caleb The Battle of Lundy's Lane In other days yon fatal hill,
Tucker, James Alexander Lundy's Lane Three-quarters of a century

Battle of Queenston Heights

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First Line


  Banker, William, Jr. The Battle of Queenstown When brave Van Rensselaer cross'd the stream
Beam, Betty J.

(children's poems)


Brock's Monument I climbed up Brock's Monument
Grol, Lini Fondly Remembered Old Queenston A small town
Miller, Edward W. On the Erection of a Monument on the Battlefield of Lundy's Lane Dear to a land is the name of its heroes,
Murphy, J. A. Ode to a Bytown Youth Well nigh a century ago, Beside Niagara's river,
Rogers, Stan MacDonnell On The Heights Too thin the line that charged the Heights


Siege of Fort Erie

Author Title  

First Line


  Harper, J. M. The Siege of Fort Erie Sir Gordon holds the frontier line all honour to his name