Niagara Falls

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James Walton Jackson


The Test of >Cantilever=



Lo! Cantilever stands the test,
See! see! it bears upon its breast
Fully twenty locomotives' weight,
Nor bends beneath the heavy freight.
See! twenty engines safely ride
Across Niagara's seething tide -
Across the mystic iron span -
Last product of the god-like man.
"The Cantilever bridge is strong!"
Exultant shout the wondering throng.
Lo! fifty locomotives screech,
Two nations' praise blends each with each,
Resounds the East, resounds the West,
The matchless triumph each attest.
The loud applause - the palm each yields
To Cantilever and to Fields.


First publ. May 10, 1884 in ...ridge Journal

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Photo courtesy of Niagara Falls (Ontario) Public Library

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