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For early 19th century visitor's impressions of Niagara Falls in poetry and doggerel visit the Table Rock Album section of the site.

For poetry of the War of 1812  visit the Poetry of the War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier section of the site.

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Alexander, James Lynne Wonders of the West, or, A Day at the Falls of Niagara in 1825... Who has not had a wish t'inspect
Allen, William Niagara Falls Lo Niagara! down the depth profound
Andres, Jackie The Downtown Falls All you councilors gather 'round
Anglian, E. To the Old School House on Lundy's Lane When time with ruthless wings sweeps on,
Anonymous A Ballad of the Caroline When first Mackenzie's rebel band
Anonymous The Battle of Bridgewater O'er Huron's wave the sun was low,
Anonymous The Chippawa Creek As the Chippawa Creek crept along by its banks,
Anonymous Niagara I stood within a vision's spell;
Author Unknown Niagara Falls Oh the lovers come a thousand miles
Appleton, Thomas Gold Goat Island Peace and perpetual quiet are around
Niagara Though the dusk has extinguished the green
Austin, Henry Niagara Splendour supreme of constant majesty
  Banker, William, Jr. The Battle of Queenstown When brave Van Rensselaer cross'd the stream
Barry, Lynn Niagara get up why don't ya? One of the wonders...I wonder about...
Baxley, Dr. A Sabbath at Niagara Here, near the temple of Almighty God,
Baxter, E. R. III Looking for Niagara It's Niagara lost
Beam, Betty J.

(poems for children)

Brock's Monument I climbed up Brock's Monument
A Cow and Ice Cream Laura Secord, by the record
The Floral Clock A giant clock grows on the ground
Friday Fireworks Each Friday night, fireworks
The Legend of the Falls Long ago the Indians came
The Niagara River Wild white water is
A Pioneer's Prayer The forests tall
World Wonder Cataracts cascading
Bell, Ian Signor Farini High overhead at the peak of the barn,
Blewett, Jean Laura Secord I search the pages of our history over
Brainard, John G. C. The Falls of Niagara The thoughts are strange that crowd into my brain
Brownell, Henry Howard Niagara Has aught like this descended, since the fountains
Bruce, Wallace Niagara Proud swaying pendant of a crystal chain
Bryant, William Cullen Niagara (1825) (tr. by William Cullen Bryant) My lyre! give me my lyre!  My bosom feels
Buckingham, J. S. To Niagara Hail! Sovereign of the world of floods! whose majesty and might
Campbell, John, Duke of Argyll Niagara A ceaseless, awful, falling sea, whose sound
Carnochan, Janet Battle of Lundy's Lane, 25th July, 1814 Upon this hill we come to celebrate
Cattey, Bill En Route to Niagara Falls I've been to Niagara Falls
Channing, William Ellery The Niagara Fall Tis the boom of the fall with a heavy pour,
Chester, Anson G. At Niagara Falls In the Maytime, at Niagara,
Clark, Willis Gaylord Niagara Here speaks the voice of God -- let man be dumb
Clinch, I. H. Niagara Describe Niagara! Ah, who shall dare
Colombo, John Robert Niagara Falls My brother, after some hesitation,
Conn, Jan Choices the falls spill over grey walls of rock,
Conn, Virginia Too near the falls We used to joke about honeymooning here, be home
Coveney, John Niagara Falls The left hand pocket of my old blue denim jeans
Cranch, C. P. The Cataract Isle I wandered through the ancient wood
Crapsey, Adelaide Niagara How frail
Crawford, Alexander W. To a Flower I turned aside to pluck thee, sweetest flower
Curtis, Philip J. The Brittle Branch She walks alone this night,
Curzon, Sarah Anne Visit of the Prince of Wales to Laura Secord Now wherefore trembles still the string
Dagle, Patricia Borneman Sons of Adam Sons of Adam, watch!
Davidson, Fisher William Kirby In old Niagara town, long aisles of ancient trees
Dollard, Father James B. Loretto Convent, Niagara Falls I look below -- Niagara's torrent white
Niagara Incessantly thy waters thus have rolled
The Niagara Gorge Had Dante ever seen this prodigy,
Drake, Joseph Rodman Niagara's Everlasting Voice How sweet 't would be, when all the air,
Dresser, Horace Apostrophe to Niagara I HEAR flood voices in thy cavern halls,
Durkin, Martin Untitled

Amongst the vineyards


Ellis, Keith Niagara (1825) (tr. by Keith Ellis) Give me, give me my lyre! For I feel
Feliciano, Margarita Devil's Hole (Niagara Falls) The withered grasses emerge from their cocoon,
Agujero Del Diablo (Cataratas del Niágara) Las hierbas mustias rompen su crisálide,
Fisher, Arthur William Niagara NIAGARA, how charms thy name
Flynn, Captain [Father Louis Hennepin] Straight up Frontenac's Northmost side
Forrest, Shelby What Goes Up Will Always Come Down Though Viagra and Niagara may sound the same,
Fox, Richard H. Niagara Falls, 1972 inside a wicker alligator basket
Niagara Falls, 1972 (revised version) engine squeals, fan belt slaps severing all ties
Fraser, Laryalee Secrets of Niagara Falls The book lay closed; each page encased in ice,
Frechette, Louis Honoré Niagara Majestic moves the mighty stream and slow
Fuller, Ada Elizabeth Lines Written in Drummond Hill Cemetery The brooding voice of spring is in the air,
Gilder, R. W. At Niagara There at the chasm's edge behold her lean
Glenny, Elizabeth NIAGARA RIVER TABLE d’HÔTE Upriver, it begins to unfold from Erie’s mouth
Gómez de Avellaneda, Gertrudis A la vista del Niágara ¡Oh Sér omnipotente,
Graham, Catherine The Water Draws Enter the open mouth
Grol, Lini Fondly Remembered Old Queenston A small town
Lelawala: The Maid of the Mist Lelawala, Lelawala,
Niagara Falls The heart of the world
Our Niagara River From lake to lake,
Seeing Niagara All excited,
Haksever, Ozan Niagara Oh, Niagara, watch your waters flow,
  Harper, J. M. The Siege of Fort Erie Sir Gordon holds the frontier line — all honour to his name —
Harrison, Susan Frances (Seranus) Niagara in Winter Nor similes nor metaphors avail!
Heideman, Kathleen M. Woman In a Barrel, About To Go Over Niagara Falls Some math problems, they come with assumptions and pencils
Henry, Elizabeth Niagara Thund'ring waters!
Heredia, José María Niágara (1825) Dadme mi lira, dádmela, que siento
Niagara (1825) (tr. by Keith Ellis) Give me, give me my lyre! For I feel
Niagara (1825) (tr. by William Cullen Bryant) My lyre! give me my lyre!  My bosom feels
Niágara (1832) Templad mi lira, dádmela, que siento
Niagara Tremendous torrent! for an instant hush
Houghton, George Niagara Formed when the oceans were fashioned, when all the world was a workshop;
Howells, William Dean Avery.  1853 All night long they heard in the houses beside the shore,
J. S. W. Thoughts at Niagara How sad, my God, to linger here,
Jackson, James Walton The Test of 'Cantilever' Lo! Cantilever stands the test,
Jain, Rakhi Niagara Falls - The paradise on earth Someone once told me, 'seeing is believing',
Jefferson, Jessica Lyne A Moment I want to thank you for the ten seconds
Somewhere Between Detroit and Syracuse We walked barefoot downtown,
Jenkinson, Rev. Martin R. Dedication of the Bells It stands amid floral splendour,
Jones, Charles L. S. The Hero of Bridgewater Seize, O seize the sounding lyre,
Kershaw, James Niagara particles
Kirby, William Sonnet Read at the Unveiling of the Lundy's Lane Monument, 25th July, 1895 Stand fast! Stand fast! Stand fast! a mighty cry
Lashelle, Donald The River Niagara In nature, all acts that have gone before
Lee, John B. The River None Believe I think of the Niagara
Lindsay, Vachel Niagara Within the town of Buffalo
Logan, John Daniel Brock: Valiant Leader O VALIANT leader of the little band
Drummond: Indomitable Soldier FROM SAFFRON dawn that lit the morning sky  
The Over-Song of Niagara Why stand ye, nurslings of Earth, before my gates,    

Lover, Samuel

Nymph of Niagara Nymph of Niagara! Sprite of the mist!
MacDonald, Wilson Niagara Thy mother, Erie, loves each furious form
McNie, Frank Niagara on the Lake See Fort George, hear cannon roar
Mehta, Ram M. Niagara Niagara, the Antiope of Canada
Miller, Edward W. On the Erection of a Monument on the Battlefield of Lundy's Lane Dear to a land is the name of its heroes,
Moberly, T. E. Lundy's Lane - 1814-1914 (July 25) In Lundy's Lane the robins sing
Moody, Marilyn K. sunday afternoon in niagara falls It's a grey february day, and we're
Moore, Clara J. Niagara Above the Cataract River of banks and woods and waters green
Niagara Below the Cataract Within a temple's towering walls I stand -
Morpeth, Lord Niagara Falls There's nothing great or bright, thou glorious Fall!
Muldoon, Paul A Collegelands Catechism Which is known as the 'Orchard County'?
Mulvany, Charles Pelham Niagara Majestic moves the mighty stream and slow,
Munro, Kathryn Niagara Falls On thundering feet you take the dread abyss
Murphy, J. A. Ode to a Bytown Youth Well nigh a century ago, Beside Niagara's river,
Murray, Joan Queen of the Mist  
Nowikowski, Melinda As Falls Niagara Buzzed on red wine
O'Regan, John Joseph Queen of the Mist All hail to the Queen of the Mist
Overmire, Laurence Niagara Niagara sends her watery heralds
Pace, Larry Niagara Falls at Night Each night
Niagara Falls - Viagara Calls! They honeymoon in Canada
Parker, Willard Niagara's Rainbow: The Legend of the White Canoe Yon Rainbow, circling great Niagara's brow
Pickering, Henry The Leap of Niagara Roar loud, ye winds! ye awful thunders peal!
Pombo, Rafael En El Niágara ¡Ahi estes otra vez...! El mismo hechizo
Pratt, Sarah Niagara Niagara, I love to hear thy voice,
Preet, Onkar Niagara Falls The Rendezvous,
Rakhi Niagara Falls - The Paradise on Earth Someone once told me 'Seeing is believing',
Reynolds, P. M. Mrs. Anna Edson Taylor, Goddess of Water Since earth's creation down the stormy way
Richards, W. C. Niagara in Spring Oh, could I gaze forever on thy face,
Roach, Rich Great Cataract Sublime Niagara Falls, great cataract sublime,
Winter Falls Sleep, sleep Niagara, deep beneath the ice;
Rogers, Stan MacDonnell On The Heights Too thin the line that charged the Heights
Rowland, C. W. Eternal - Beautiful - Serene - Sublime Eternal - prototype of God!
Scott, Duncan Campbell The Battle of Lundy's Lane Yes, - in the Lincoln Militia, - in the war of eighteen-twelve;
Seranus (Susan Frances Harrison) Niagara in Winter Nor similes nor metaphors avail!
Shepherd, Mary A. Niagara Through the ear the "Mighty Thunderer" makes
Sigourney, Lydia H. Farewell to Niagara My spirit grieves to say, Farewell to thee,
The Hermit of the Falls It was the leafy month of June,
Niagara Flow on forever, in thy glorious robe
Niagara Up to the Table-Rock, where the great flood
Stark, Caleb The Battle of Lundy's Lane In other days yon fatal hill,
Stevens, W. A. Untitled If Lovers' Leaps were now the fashion,
Strachan, John Niagara Falls My brother, after some hesitation,
Suraiya, K. Niagara Niagara Falls.
Todd, Susan Hill The Whirlpool of Niagara Viewed on a Sabbath Morning "It was a Sabbath of the Soul";
Tucker, James Alexander Lundy's Lane Three-quarters of a century
Tupper, Martin F. Niagara I longed for Andes all around, and Alpes -
Trumbull, William The Legend of the White Canoe Mid the rush of mighty waters, in the thundering cataract's roar
Uppal, Priscila Niagara Mermaids A colony of nudists sing through the waves
Urquhart, Jane The Undertaker's Bride 10 poems from False Shuffles
Various authors Table Rock Album  
Watson, Evelyn From Poems of the Niagara Frontier  
Weir, Arthur Love's Changeableness How many heart-wed lovers here have stood,
Weiss, Phillip W. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls
Surging Water Millions of gallons
Whitney, Betty Ann Early this Morning Early this morning
Whiton-Stone, C. E. Niagara What wild convulsion in the ages past
Wilkinson, Caroline Eleanor Niagara Falls Stupendous in their majesty, the maddened waters leap,
The Unforgotten Unforgotten, unforgotten are the stalwart and the brave
Voice of Niagara Thou art the queen of all rivers, rejoicing in song
The Winter King at Niagara Falls The Winter King makes splendent gems, to deck Niagara's rugged shore
Wojahn, David The Assassination of John Lennon as Depicted by the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, Niagara Falls, Ontario, 1987 Smuggled human hair from Mexico

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